Novak Djokovic Entering Wimbledon Chasing Plenty Of History

Novak Djokovic is entering Wimbledon with some plans because he can chase plenty of history by winning this Wimbledon. The Serbian player who has been triumphant in the four editions of the tournament is considered to be one of the favorites to win this edition also and create history.

In this article, I will talk about five important facts about Djokovic in this  Wimbledon.

Most Wimbledon Wins

Novak Djokovic possesses a record of 86 wins at Wimbledon. He left everyone far behind in this perspective because no one in the top 20 players seems to break this record.  

You will be surprised to know that the next player on the list is Karen Khachanov who came out victorious 11 times. Moreover, this tournament seems to be very friendly for Djokovic because his winning percentage at Wimbledon is 89.6% and no other player on the list has been able to cross 56.3%. These stats are just phenomenal and he can make this record better. Therefore Novak Djokovic is entering Wimbledon with some good strategies.

A chance to tie Roger’s record

This Wimbledon is very important for Djokovic because he can tie Roger Federer’s record of eight Wimbledon titles. He has added this feather to his cap seven times. He has also registered 10 titles before his name at Australian Open.

These figures are phenomenal because when Federer earned this recognition in 2017 by winning Wimbledon eight times, Djokovic had lifted the trophy just three times.

Remember the fact that these two giants faced each other four times at Wimbledon and Djokovic came out victorious three times.

Opportunity For Winning Three Majors For Four Time In A Season

By winning this Wimbledon, Djokovic can add another feather in his cap. He can win the third major tournament this season and this will happen for the fourth time in his glorious career. He will be the only player who will make this mark. 

Djokovic has already won Australian Open and Roland Garros this season. He has been trying to achieve this landmark for a long time and this time he is the favorite for winning the tournament.

Five Consecutive Titles For The First Time

Djokovic can achieve another landmark by winning this Wimbledon. So far he has not won a title five consecutive times but he can do this in this tournament. He will join tennis giants such as Bjorn Borg and Roger Federer, the only souls on the list by winning this title. 

Winning 12 Majors After Turning 30

If Djokovic is declared the winner of the tournament, he will register 12 major trophies before his name. This landmark has been achieved by only five players in history who have lifted the trophies 12 times after turning 30. This fact increases the importance of this tournament for Djokovic who can claim 12 major trophies after turning 30. 

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