Shewmake Makes His Mark With Gwinnett’s First Cycle

Wait is over for the fans of Brade Shewmake who were looking for his blazing performance because he had not been up to the mark as far as his performance was concerned. But now Shewmake is making his mark after consulting  Atlanta hitting coordinator Chris Antariksa and special assistant Greg Walker. These two giants helped him to show his real performance in the arena by fixing his timing mechanism and to solve his technical issues.

one has to stick to his plans for getting the desired results. After making adjustments for a week, Shewmake is able to achieve the landmark of hitting the cycle for the first time in his life. Remember the fact that He is the first Gwinnett player to achieve this goal.  After the loss in ST. Paul, Shemake made his mark by hitting for the cycle.

Shewmake was over the moon on that occasion and he said that it is not a child’s play to be honest with your abilities and one has to be crazy for getting something extraordinary. 

He further added that he is very happy to hit on a fastball, a hit on a changeup, and a hit on a curveball. He again pointed out that covering bases looks very cool and amazing. He said that there are still many things that need to be addressed but he is hopeful that things will be better in the upcoming days.

 Shewmake had been struggling before the two coaches’ arrival and it was a challenging task to bring him back to the right position. The coaches helped him to regain his stature and to add a new feather in his cap.

Shewmake continued to talk about his lapses with Braves hitting coordinators and try to analyze his shortcomings by watching videos. He said that it looks amazing when you work on your lapses and get the desired results.

He said that he continued to watch Joey Votto videos and try to understand the connection between his hands and feet. He told that he followed the directions and moved heaven and earth to make things better. 

Shewmake again cleared the notion that he did not work hard for hitting the cycle or he had been struggling in the last seven games but he did it to sort out his technical issues.

His teammate Eli White also talked about his achievement and said that Shewmake was three-baggers away from getting this landmark and finally, he got it on the bases of his continuous struggle. 

Shewmake told that he asked Eli White to bowl because he has to work on hitting the ball in the gap and he also focused on running as fast as he could. He said that when he was running into third base, everyone in the dugout was super excited and that was a very amazing moment to experience. 

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