Trae Young’s Reaction To Coach Killer Theory

Since Trae Young joined his team Atlanta, two prominent coaches have been sacked and finally Young reacted to the “Coach Killer” theory.  It is said that Lloyd Pierce and Nate McMillan(coaches) had to vacate the position because they were not eye to eye on some matters with Young and he opened his mouth about it last week in his podcast.

Trae Young reacted to the Coach Killer theory by saying that he always learns a lot from his coaches and he does not know why some people are talking ill and why NBA fans are leveling some allegations against him. 

He said that perhaps it is due to the Knicks series that people label him as a villain and their only task is just to spread hate and to throw labels on him.

 Trae Young explained his relationship with Pierce and said that he has not experienced many coaches. He had a very good relationship with Pierce but there were certain things on which they could not create consensus because Pierce wanted to win the matches at any cost and he was of the opinion that the team was not built to carry the day at that time.

Young opined that Pierce has been appointed as coach of the team just to make things better and he was moving heaven and earth to win but the coach had not much confidence in him. He further said that he has still much love for Pierce.

Many people still believe that Young has been responsible for the Hawks’ troubles in the last few seasons.

Jeff Schultz also talked about the differences between Pierce and Young. He said that Young is not responsible solely for the Hawks’ troubles in the last few seasons but his clashes with Pierce and McMillan and his commanding position in the management of the team had a bad impact on the team. He was of the opinion that the whole team is a puppet in the hands of Trae Young.

A survey conducted by The Athletic is telling the same story. It declares that even some friends of Young consider him the most overrated player on the team

But above all, it seems that Young takes this hate as motivation because he played an important part in winning many games and he has been declared a wild game-winner. 

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