Will Arraez chase .400 or not?

The Marlins’ Luis Arraez has impressed every baseball lover with his performance. He is about to chase .400 in the AL or NL. This landmark was achieved by Ted William in 1941. Now this is million dollars question, Will Arraez chase .400 or not? But there are many other records in his pocket also along with this landmark. 

There is something that is more impressive than his batting average. The way he has been performing in the League competition is incredibly impressive. The closest candidate is hitting .365 while Arraez has reached .380.  Most of all, if we talk about the NL batting title and Major League performance, Arraez is enjoying 55 points lead over Ronald Acuna Jr. 

One should keep in mind the context of the game. Arraez is facing fastballs but MLB hitters are playing as a group and instead of this, they are 140 points below Arraez.  If we analyze the history of the game, we will come to know that batters hit .261 in 1941.

Let’s keep the focus on the lead of Arraez over Acuna. We find a breakdown between League leaders and closest qualifiers and it seems to continue at the end of the season.

Will Arraez chase .400 or not?
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The condition has not been very convenient for Arraez to get the dominance for a long time but this time it looks easy to be a .400 hitter because the way he is batting and has become a technically sound baseball player, it will not be difficult for him to achieve the landmark.

In 1995, Derrek Lee got the largest lead of 33 points over Brian Roberts. Lee managed to win a batting title but his lead came down with four points at the end of the season. Will Arraez chase .400 with the same lead? This is a very important question because no one has been able to win the batting title with a lead of more than 16 points. If you are a baseball fan, you will have to wait for some more days to find the answer to this question.

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