25 Million For PHF Before the Champions Trophy

25 Million For PHF Before the Champions Trophy
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Finally, the Government of Pakistan has taken steps for strengthening the financial condition of the Pakistan Hockey Federation. The Government has released 25 million for PHF to sort out all the financial issues before the Champions Trophy is held in Chennai next month.

 This important step has been taken after a good performance by the National Junior Team in Asian Junior Cup. Ahsan Mazari, the Minister for inter-provincial coordination released the fund for making things better. 

An official has said that this fund has been released for paying daily allowances to the junior players and officials and also for the participation in Asian Champions Trophy.  

He further said that Pakistan Hockey Federation will pay the salary of the Coach, Siegfried Aikman very soon. Remember that Aikman withdrew himself from his position for not being paid.

Pakistan  Hockey Federation was deprived of Government funding after the dispute between PSB and PHF over elections matters.

The PSB has been in serious conflict with PHF over the re-election of Khalid Sajjad Khokhar because it was of the view that Sports policy has no such clause for a tenure of a third time.

The financial condition of PHF was so bad that it had not enough funds to release the salary of the Pakistan Hockey Head Coach. 

Siegfried Aikman, the Coach was deprived of his salary for the last 12 months. Therefore he had to take the hard decision of leaving the Pakistan team and announcing his resignation.

PSB official said that most of the matters between PHF and PSB have been resolved and the minister has decided to release the funds for better results in the Champions Trophy.

He accepted the fact that the financial condition of the Pakistan Hockey Federation and the performance of the Junior team in Oman encouraged the ministry to release the funds to expect better performance in the Champions Trophy.  Therefore, they released 25 million for PHF.

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