First Appearance At Wimbledon For Ben Shelton

2023 is bringing a lot of opportunities for Ben Shelton who appeared in the first Grand Slam quarter-final at the Australian Open and then he played outside the USA for the first time. Most of all, he impressed everyone with his first appearance at Wimbledon.

World No.36 Shelton said on that occasion that he was enjoying playing on the green grass because that facility he missed in the United States.

 He talked about stadiums that it is nice to play on these manicured courts and huge stadiums. 

He further said that he had come there three days before to practice on a grassy field because he had not experienced that type of field before. That early practice helped him a lot in getting experience and to get accustomed to the grassy field. 

Shelton reached Wimbledon with his father and his coach Bryan. He has been playing under his supervision at the University of Florida. 

Bryan has won more than 100 matches and he brought two titles before his name.

His debut at Wimbledon started against  Japanese player Taro Danial seems to be easy than his father’s debut who played as Boris Becker in 1989.

After one year, Bryan beat World No. 01 Ivan Lendl and earned a lot of recognition. 

Shelton said about his father’s experience that he has a vast experience at Wimbledon. His experience will be helpful for him to go up in the tournament. 

He said that Wimbledon is the most favorite tournament of his father and it was amazing that he was here to support him. 

After being triumphant in Australian Open, it seems that he will break the record of his father at the All England Club. But this time it is very early to give such a statement. 

Shelton said that his father knows his game very well and knows what to do for the betterment of the game and he will take full advantage of his presence.

It was his first experience of Shelton playing on a grassy field because he had never experienced it before his first-round win against J.J. Wolf. But he said that he is more comfortable on the surface now. He will try his level best to win more matches as in the first appearance at Wimbledon.

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