Hannah Dingley: First Female To Take Charge of Man’s Side

Forest Green Rovers is going to create history as the management has asked Hannah Dingley to hold the chair because Duncan Ferguson has left the team. She will be the first female to take the charge of man’s side. 

Duncan Ferguson has announced his resignation as head coach of the team after the failures in the League.  He was appointed in January.

His decision has opened a door for Dingley to hold the post for short term and she has taken charge of training on Tuesday. The report says that she will hold the post till the pre-season preparations. 

The 39-year-old Dingley is the first female head coach of the man’s team and she is the only female holding UEFA pro license. She has rendered her services at Burton Albion before joining the man’s side.

Although this appointment will be for short-term, she will be the first female head coach of a man’s side.

On this occasion, she said that she is over the moon for holding this post and she will take this opportunity as a challenge. She further said that pre-season has started and full season will begin very soon. She expressed her gratitude towards the management for giving her an opportunity to achieve a landmark.

 The team chairman Dale Vince said that Hannah is the first choice for him because she has worked with the team’s academy and knows the values of the club very well. He said that they are going to create history and Hannah will be the first female to take charge of man’s side. 

He thanked the former head coach for serving the team for a few months and declared that it was a very difficult decision. 

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