Zaka Ashraf’s Appointment As Head Of New Management Committee

Zaka Ashraf’s Appointment As Head Of New Management Committee
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The Prime Minister of Pakistan finally ended the legal disputes in courts that have proved to be a bar in the PCB election process by approving a new management committee. Zaka Ashraf’s appointment as head of the management Committee will render services for a short period.

Zaheer Abbass is also included in this new committee. Remember that PCB elections for the next Chairman were disturbed by a number of writ petitions filed in various courts challenging the procedure. In this way, the elections were postponed until the solution of the issues.

The Balochistan High Court finally issued a stay order until July 17 and that gave birth to a lot of issues in the PCB management. According to a report by the Ministry for Inter-provincial Coordination to the Prime Minister of Pakistan, the various litigations are a bar to the smooth functioning of the PCB and it is due to the inefficiency of Ahmed Shehzad Farooq Rana, election commissioner of the PCB.

The ministry report also said that it is a crying need of the hour to approve a new committee for at least four months to make a better strategy for upcoming international events, resolve legal issues, and smooth functioning of PCB.

The report also said that Rana should be removed and Mahmood Iqbal Khakwani should be appointed a new Commissioner of PCB.

The new committee is comprised of ten members which there are four regional representatives, four representatives from services, and two names nominated by the  Prime Minister, the patron in chief of PCB.

This committee will determine the next Chairman of the Pakistan Cricket Board. This Chairman will be appointed for three years term and Zaka Asshraf is the hot favorite for this post.

When Najam Sethi took a decision not to become a part of the race for the next Chairman and he made way for Zaka Ashraf, there arose legal issues because some of Sethi’s associates rushed to the court to file a writ petition. But now Zaka Ashraf’s appointment as head of the new management Committee ended up all the issues.

Remember that Sethi has been the head of the interim management committee since last December and it was the task of the committee to carry out the election but that task remained incomplete.

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