Guerrero Has Achieved Landmark By Taking Home Run Derby Crown

Guerrero Has Achieved Landmark By Taking Home Run Derby Crown. Did Guerrero think of achieving the landmark sixteen years ago when he witnessed his father Vladimir Guerrero Sr. win a Home Run Derby, becoming the third player to achieve the landmark? But the dream has come true as Guerrero has achieved a landmark by winning Home Run Derby.

He made up his mind when he was standing with his father on National Television, celebrating a wonderful victory and landmark. This scene put a very good impression on his life and he started moving heaven and earth to win this title.

On Monday, Guerrero achieved a landmark when he secured 25 runs and left his opponent far behind in the final round. With this victory, Guerrero Sr. and Guerrero Jr. became the first father-son to win this title.

On this occasion, Guerrero Jr. said that he was very young when his father brought this title to his name but he is feeling proud that he has also achieved the same landmark.

If we talk about his performance in the tournament, Guerrero Jr. carried the day against Mookie Betts in the first round and then he defeated Julio Rodriguez in the second round.

He showed his good performance in the final round with 25 home runs but he has to work hard to defend this score as Arozarena came back strongly but fell short with 23 home runs.

As the final buzzer sounded, Guerrero Jr. started celebrating his wonderful achievement. He accepted the same trophy as his father accepted in 2007.

He thanked his family for supporting him during the whole tournament. He said that his family encouraged him a lot to achieve this victory. In this way, Guerrero has achieved a landmark by taking the home run derby crown. 

Remember that Guerrero lost in the final in 2019. He was defeated by Pete Alonso at that time. Although he set a record for the most home runs in a single  Derby, he could not celebrate the victory. 

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