A Lot Of Opportunities For Indian women In Basketball: Raspreet Sidhu

A Lot Of Opportunities For Indian women In Basketball: Raspreet Sidhu
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Raspreet Sidhu is a prominent name in the arena of the Indian Basketball team. She has served the Indian Basketball team by playing different roles. 

She was an important member of the team in three Asian Games and Commonwealth Games. She has been leading the team also. 

Nowadays, she is serving as the head of Sports at  Shiv Nadar School. A few days ago, she has been interviewed on the changes that have been made to promote basketball in  India. 

In a question about the opportunities for improvement in the last decade for woman basketball players, she replied that she finds a lot of changes if things are compared to what they were in the past. According to her, there is a lot of exposure for athletes now as compared to the previous decade. She said that fifteen to twenty bowlers are playing for NCAA divisions. 

She said that there are a lot of opportunities at different levels for a player as different departments are encouraging basketball in sports. She praised Indian Railway to play an important part in promoting basketball for Indian women.   

Raspreet Sidhu added that there are a lot of opportunities for female bowlers to serve in different teams. A decade ago, female players did not have these opportunities. She admires the association with NCAA and said that in this way, the kids find opportunity to play along with study and these kids will represent the nation in the upcoming years.

On asking about question that several players took interest in foreign leagues and does she think that these players can make a mark in these top leagues, she said that she has played with Geethu Ann Jose. but now a female player has many opportunities like playing for NBL  and WNBA.  

 Those who learn the sport in other countries have an opportunity to be a part of NCAA colleges. If the girls studying in the US use their strengths in the right way, they can be a part of the WNBA.

On the question of current stars in the basketball team, she said that it would not be justice to mention one or two names but John is showing good performance for the National team. She also mentioned Anmolpreet who is serving in Japan. She said that she is hopeful that these players will excel and bring a good name to their countries.

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