Corey Seager’s Injury And Its Impact On Texas Rangers

Corey Seager's Injury And Its Impact On Texas Rangers
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Corey Seager’s Injury And Its Impact On Texas Rangers is a hot issue nowadays. The Texas Rangers have included Shortstop Corey Seager on the injured list due to his sprained thumb. The renowned player has already taken some steps to determine the seriousness of the condition. Corey Seager’s injury can create many issues for his team.

 The question arises what will be the impact of Corey Seager’s injury on his team and who will assume his place in the team?

This is not the first time that an injury kicked him off the game but he has gone through this issue a month earlier due to hamstring.

Due to Corey Seager’s injury, Team Manager Bruce Bochy is worried but he is hopeful about his recovery and said that the X-ray report is negative and Corey Seager is getting better day by day and will be part of the team. 

Corey Seager has been a very good player for his team. His performance has been outstanding before getting injured. His batting figures are worth mentioning.

 He proved himself a productive player in these days. He has already secured 8.5 wins above Replacement in his first season. 

There are a lot of questions to be answered after his exclusion from the team. The most important is who will take his position. 

Josh Smith and Ezequiel Duran are hot favorites to take his position. The Manager of the Team has already given a hint in this regard that Smith and Duran can be the alternatives for Seager for the time being.

The sources told that the decision on an alternative will be taken after the pitch report.

Another option in this regard is Marcus Semien who has been playing shortstop. He can assume the Seager’s position because his performance has been outstanding. 

The second question to be answered is what will be the option after Seager is placed on the IL. Leody Taveras is on a rehab assignment. He can be brought back immediately. 

If the Team calls up an infielder, Luisangel Acuna and Jonathan Ornelas can be the first choice of the team because they can provide depth.

The final question in this regard is how Manager Bruce Bochy will finalize the team. Seager has been the number two hitter behind Semien and Semien seems to be the solution to this issue.

The team has an outfielder option and that is Leody Taveras. He can be given a chance and he can be a better option for the team.  If the team does not consider him for the position, then Josh Smith is a good option.

The biggest test for Bochy is to continue the winning momentum in the tournament. Corey Seager’s Injury And Its Impact On Texas Rangers should not be bad on the team’s performance.

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