Travis Jankowski’s Role With the Rangers

 Enjoying the form of his life nowadays, Travis Jankowski’s role with the Rangers has become very important because he has been slashing .319/ .407/ .405 with a 133  WRC+ in 190 Plate in the last appearances. 

He has been immaculate in terms of his speed and defense. Swiping 15 bags in 16 attempts, he has been the chief cause of saving five defensive runs and four outs above average.

His campaign at the beginning of 2023 was not up to the mark. Being drafted in 2012 he spent with the Padres and other different teams to join the Rangers this past January. At that time, he was not considered to be a consistent performer.  

Travis Jankowski’s role with the Rangers proved to be a breakthrough in his career. He was finding a good place to excel when the Rangers visited Boston and Travis Jankowski’s role with the Rangers became important. His performance has been outstanding with his new team.

Remember that injuries put a bad impact on his career also in the past. He suffered from a broken foot in 2017 and after two years, he suffered a broken wrist and last May, he broke a knuckle. Jankowski himself said that it was a herculean task to come back after these injuries.

When Chris Young was promoted to Executive Vice President and General Manager, he signed a deal with Jankowski for one year.

Jankowski said in an interview that it was a huge selling point for him to join Texas Rangers because every player in the team wanted to play a productive part in the team. 

He also said that he was lucky enough to play under an old-school manager Bruce Bochy. He said that he is part of big Leagues like Texas Rangers due to his speed and defense. 

He explained that he is happy to be a part of this team because they do not put an extra burden on him. He said that Padres wanted him to do something very special and that became the cause of his injury.  

He further said that he is not feeling any pressure and he is focusing on the betterment of his game.

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