India Women Came Out With Good Performance in The Opening Encounter

India Women Came Out With Good Performance in The Opening Encounter

India Women came out with a very good performance against World No.4 England in their opening encounter and ended the proceedings in a draw at the 100th Anniversary Spanish Hockey Federation International Tournament.

England began to control the game from the beginning and soon Holy Hunt scored the first goal with a powerful shot from the English side to take a lead in the game but Lalremsiami took full advantage of the penalty corner to change the result. 

India started the proceedings cautiously but when Holy Hunt scored the first goal, they had to change the plan. They moved heaven and earth to equal the game but the solid defense of England did not allow the Indian team to score the goal. England was leading at the completion of the first quarter.

From the beginning of the second quarter, the Indian team played with an aggressive attitude to level the game. They tested England’s defense again and again but could not succeed in putting England under pressure.

England took the policy of counter-attack and succeeded in maintaining the lead at the half-time break. 

After the break, England started a strong offensive attitude and attacked for increasing the lead and they earned the first penalty corner. However, they could not take advantage of this opportunity. 

On the other hand, India women came out with a good performance and took the same attitude to equalize the number. This plan proved to be fruitful as Lalremsiami scored the equalizer by taking advantage of the penalty corner.

In the dying hours of the third quarter, both teams found opportunities to take the lead but failed to increase their number, and the third quarter ended with a tied.

 In the fourth quarter of the game, the Indian team came out with all its strengths and tried to keep England under pressure with its attacking policy. 

England took the defensive technique and secured the penalty corner in the closing moments but could not score the second goal and the thrilling encounter ended in a draw.

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