Indiana Will welcome the Wright State Raiders

Indiana Will welcome the Wright State Raiders

Finally, Indiana Will welcome the Wright State Raiders after a very long time.  Scott Nagy who has been named as Coach of the Year in Horizon League three times visited the hosting country almost thirteen years ago when they completed the proceedings 10-10 in conference play. 

Scott Nagy has been leading the team two times in the NCCA tournament. The team also played under his leadership in 2022. 

The Wright State Raiders included Trey Calvin due to his recent performance. He has been leading the team with a performance of 20.3 points per game in the last season. 

He has been sensational with 250 field goals, the 16th-best performance in the nation. He came out with 44 points performance at Youngstown State.

Another important addition to the team is Tanner Holden. He showed very good performance since he joined the Raiders in 2019. He developed himself in the team with an average of 20.1 points. He led the team from the front in their first NCAA tournament win with 37 points performance. 

He joined Ohio State but then altered his decision to return to his previous team on May 16. His average while playing as a Buckeye has been 3.6 points and 2.4 rebounds.

The pair of Holden and Calvin can be the best pair in the Horizon. Calvin has been showing fantastic performance with a great range and Holden has been superb as a cutter and defender. 

If Holden returns with his superb form, it will be better for Calvin who will feel less burden on his shoulders. These two have been performing magnificently in the past. 

The team seems to be very challenging with the inclusion of Brandon Noel. His played with an average of 13 points and 8.7 rebounds and one block. He completed his freshman campaign with 10 points in his last nine games.

His partner AJ Braun has joined the team. His average has been 9.4 points but turning ball and offensive attitude are his vulnerable points. If Braun overcomes his shortcomings as a rebounder, the Wright State Raiders can be a formidable side for the opponents.

Alex Huibregtse can be a dangerous customer on his day. He has been performing with an average of 23.7 points making him a lethal player for any team.

The addition of Holden can make the team strong in terms of its defensive end. Calvin and Huibregtse make the team more strong and more lethal. 

The development of Noel will be the key for the Raiders. If he remains fit on the glass, the team will be able to defeat any team.

And most of all, the Wright State Raiders will be welcomed by Indiana in November and basketball lovers’ wait will be ended.

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